Part of our identity here at 612 Water Street is caring for the least among us.


Because that is who Jesus is!

Our most recent mission was to fight world hunger.  Our Synod raised $58,000, and Trinity itself raised over $4,500!!  Matthew 6:21 Says “for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

Rest assured we do very cool and wise things with monetary means at Trinity.  And not just world wide, but also in the community we live in.  Food Pantry, blood drives, crop walk, SACS, and Habitat for Humanity are just some of our ongoing missions.  This righteous behavior is fun to participate in.  It is a glorious thing to impact the world and see God’s Kingdom move.  It is wonderful to see people with purpose act.

For more information on missions Contact:

Tony Gasner – Ministry Coordinator

Email:  ministry@tlcsparta.org   Phone:  608-633-8023

Evangelical Lutheran Church in Sparta, Wisconsin