Lay Leadership

 Trinity Lutheran Church Council

The members of the church council and your church officers want to hear from you. Please feel free to talk to any of us in person or contact us by phone. To make it easier to get in touch with the officers at any time, we now have email addresses that you can utilize to communicate with the officers.

Pastor Mark Kvale                                                                                                      Dennis Glaman, President-
Les Stanley, Vice-President-
Alton Ask, Secretary
Tammy Barclay, Treasurer-

Mary Herrman

Dale Frei

Renee Gavilan

Chuck Hogan

Dawn Jacobsob

Jan Jenkins

Cindy Thesing

Tom Schauer

Chris Milne

Sherry McClain

Delaney Schaller

Audrey Zebell


Evangelical Lutheran Church in Sparta, Wisconsin